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Making informed decisions about your cancer care is essential.

Virtual consultations are available at Oklahoma Proton Center to provide convenient access to the answers patients and their families need to make informed decision about their care.

Through an easy to use, HIPAA compliant video chat platform, patients can connect with the experts specializing in proton therapy without leaving the comfort of their homes. Our medical directors will review your case, answer any questions you have about treatment options and diagnosis, and talk to you about the potential benefits of proton therapy for your cancer.

Proton therapy is an advanced form of radiation treatment that suits many types of cancers and tumor types. If a physician recommends radiation therapy as part of your cancer treatment, proton therapy is likely an option. Unlike other radiation treatments that use X-rays or photons such as IMRT, VMAT, and Cyberknife, protons have a unique physical property that allows radiation oncologists to precisely target a patient’s cancer and stop the protons inside the tumor, avoiding healthy tissue and organs. This decreases the likelihood of undesired and unnecessary side effects.

A cancer diagnosis is scary, we understand that choosing the right option can become overwhelming. Often times travelling to a facility for answers is an additional burden for both patients and their care-givers. Our goal with virtual consultations is to empower patients to feel comfortable and confident with the treatment option they choose for their unique diagnosis by providing information and education based on the specifics of their case.

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